Thursday, November 16, 2017

♫ "Baby, It's Cold Outside" ♫*...

It's regularly in the 20's at night now and dark much more.  The big event I wondered about has arrived and it's assured me that these chickens are normal.  They are finally molting and egg production has dropped off by half. For awhile there I thought I may have obtained super-chickens, especially after last winter.  Still, I'll really miss the 6 eggs a day through winter.

I took pictures inside of the coop and out in the run.  The black feathers are standing out the most, but the reds are also losing feathers.  With as many feathers as I'm seeing there and all around the garden, you'd think they'd look naked.  Nope!  They look as fluffy as normal, but have straggly tails.

It's also time to buy the 18% food to get those feathers coming in quickly.

Yesterday, I finally got a start on putting the strawberries to bed for the winter.  Had to get Steve's leather gloves because pulling the pine needles back was very painful.  

The plants got a buzz-cut.  They'll get the needles pulled back over them and straw added to top that off, hopefully tomorrow.  Then, I need to find plastic for coverage.  Haven't even looked for it yet, but I believe I'll find some in the greenhouse.

Made another trip to the shed with rocks painted by Steve's sister.  On her last visit she did them and I was going to put their picture onto the blog and kept forgetting the picture.  Now, they have joined the other decor in the shed so they last longer than stuff does after freezing all winter.  I'm going to find them a better place next season, too.  Maybe closer to the back door so others can see them.

So, we've done our last shopping run and now I'm ready for the Thanksgiving holiday next week.  I think everything is bought that I needed to provide.  Other things will be coming up with the various visitors.  Steve and I stuffed a 24 pounder is in the refrigerator and stuffed two turkeys into the freezer.  There isn't room for anything else in the freezer, either.  I'm thinking I may need to put a sign on it that tells visitors to not open the door.  I know something's going to come falling out if it's opened...

... and I'm prepared to block any escapees....

* TM

Monday, November 13, 2017

"and God said, "Let there be light"-sockets...

... and in more ways than one!  

First, we have had an electrician in and he added...

... a new connection for the location of the light over my new sink.  He had a dickens of a time because the manufactured home was, well, manufactured strangely.  There was no box in the wall.  The wiring came through a board that had a hole bored into it.   You should've seen how gobsmacked he was. 

After that was done, we added several more boards.  We're up to the strangely shaped ceiling/wall confluence.  It's made for careful measuring, but I do believe we've figured it out.

Time to arrange for a plumber.

Second, other lights to talk about.  I HAD to get the family room Christmas tree up and decorated because, and you can ask Steve, my Type A personality was keeping me awake at night with insistence that the decor go up... NOW!

Got it all together and had a bad start to my excitement happen.  One section wouldn't light.  Both Steve and I went over every bulb and connection and we couldn't rectify that situation.  Here's where my artistic background came through for me.

I had some leftover metallic burlap and tied a bow around that section after I put some wrapping paper under it as backing.  So, other than buying a new tree, (which is a chore for next year) I think this'll do for the season.

I start decor from the top, down, so I only have go up the ladder so many times.  Stepped back for a picture and had an epiphany.   I think I shall name her Carmen Miranda.  Come on, don't tell me you can't see it.  Remember her headdress?  The headband with all the fruit piled on top?

Yeah, well... maybe I'm pushing the envelope...

Thursday, November 9, 2017

♫ Hark, the Nem-e-sis Ar-ri-veth ♫...

Yup, it's that time of the year.  The time when the evil entities that be-ith full of holiday cheer and impish grins, fill the stores with.... eggnog!  Crap!  I LOVE the stuff and there it is, for all the world to see, on the shelves I must walk by.  So, of course, I must pick some up.  

I've tried to stop myself at two containers, but I know me only too well.  As the Terminator says... "I'll be back!"

As I'm composing this post, I hear Steve yelling WOW! and heading out the door at full speed.   From what I can hear, he's telling Ziva that a B29 Super fortress is flying over.  I decided to finally head out, but it was already gone.  I did notice our constant fire, so...

... an obligatory picture.  We don't smell it so I'm grateful.

Now, where are we with the remodel?  WE are irritated that we don't have sinks in the bathroom.  Other than that, things have moved along...

... counters/sinks gone and mirrors came down...

... moved right along with board installation over wavy walls...

... lights removed, boarding has stopped for electrical work...

Since we needed to stop until an electrician can move one light over, we've filled nail holes and already have 3 coats of polyurethane completed.  Hopefully he's here later today so work can resume.

Them we'll need a plumber as soon as the boards are installed up to the ceiling.  We don't fancy having to get ladders around cabinets... or them being damaged by dropped boards... dropped nail guns... Steve falling...

This remodel is almost done... wait, did I just jinx it? 

Monday, November 6, 2017

Biting off more than we can chew?...

You know, the holidays are approaching and we are in the middle of shopping for all the food needed and presents to be bought.  Thanksgiving will see about five people arriving and needing nourishment.  SO, what to do?   

                       LET'S START A CONSTRUCTION PROJECT!!!

Inevitably, we will need to use both bathrooms in our house, as has been the case in years passed.  So, we decided to dig out the new bathroom counters/sinks we'd bought from IKEA* and get them installed before 
he-double-hockey-sticks arrives in the forms of many desperate people and only two bathrooms.  

Our counters probably can't be described as even builder's grade.  They are very much below that.  I'm always embarrassed and we had these counters/sinks in the garage and.. well, what the heck.  Sure, our last project (the kitchen) is STILL not done.  Let's see if pressure can make us move quickly.

First, we needed to get more pine boards as we only had a few from the kitchen left over.  That is probably why we didn't finish there.

Steve put one cabinet together to see what size we were working with.  

With those measurements in mind, we headed into the bathroom to pull everything out.  There are boards and shelves across the tub which we used to hold all the "stuff" we took out of the cabinets and storage tower.  It's amazing all the stuff we had duplicates of because we never could find anything crammed inside.  Lots of stuff thrown away and hopefully, we'll be better organized soon.

Isn't destroying stuff fun?  Steve had most of it out before long and into the back of his pickup to deliver to the dump.  For lower-than-builder's grade cabinets, they were very hard to get out.  No screws or nails, no, there were these BOLTS holding them together which didn't come out with standard tools.  He did a lot of yelling, swearing and kicking, but they are finally gone.  We'd thought of donating the cabinets to a re-use place, but there wasn't much left of them.

Dust flew everywhere and we did some coughing, and now... sneezing.

Ziva kept running in, then out, as she seemed to think we were mad at something.  Ha!  Even she would've had some fun pulling things down.  

So, now we need to decide where the new cabinets will fit.  I'm more for moving them into the middle of the wall and not having the strange towel cabinet off to the side.  I foresee the need of an electrician... and a plumber... and a psychiatrist in the near future.

Even now I can see that at least one light is going to have to be moved.  

... Woo Hoo!  More shopping....

*“I have not received, nor expect to receive, any compensation for items mentioned in the blog that I like, or may suggest to the viewers.  The items are just something that works/worked for me.  The Irish Lady.”

Thursday, November 2, 2017

The orangish glow of Autumn?...

No, still haven't taken care of the strawberry bed yet, but I promise to get it done next week.  I'm finally seeing the last of the warm weather, I think, and ready to have this garden be DONE.

There's still some beautiful color in the landscape to marvel at while waiting for everything to die.  The aspens are a beautiful yellow and the oaks are an orange-olive sheen. 

The last blueberry plant is pictured above. It has the most beautiful raspberry leaves.  The other plants there are variations of brown, dry and naked.

I haven't gotten around to cooking the pumpkins, either.  I checked on them and noticed that the two that still had green on them hadn't changed much.  So, I moved them onto the kitchen island so they could get some sun each day.  It's been slow, but they have lost a lot of that green and maybe they'll be edible soon.

I'm wondering if we've maybe had a little too much squash lately.  We've been eating so much that I think I'm seeing a slightly orangish tinge to our skin.  Nah!  Maybe it's all in my head?  My tangerine cheeks and neck may just be an illusion of the lights?  Right, son? (he once told me my makeup was orangish.  YEARS ago, but I STILL remember)  

Wearing no makeup at all lately, so I'm thinking he needs to see me again, and let me know if we're of a certain shade....

Monday, October 30, 2017

Happy Halloween 2017...

Hoping that tomorrow night is a safe and fun Halloween night.  Man!  I miss the valley during this holiday when MILLIONS (OK, not millions, but thousands) would come by our house and maybe 20 (OK, more than 20) would dare the walk up the sidewalk to the house.  I guess it's the one thing living up in the mountains does NOT beat by a landslide.  

The grand-kid's holiday package was mailed, and already delivered.  It's amazing how notifying the post office that there are perishables in the package gets it there quicker.  We haven't thought to do that before and we've had years with nail-bitingly close calls.  

I have finally taken the end-of-season walk-through on the property and found the one piece of decor that I'd missed.  I put out quite a few rappelling cats in our trees because they are cute and I was trying to remind Ziva to get the strays off the property.  She ignored my hints.  

Everything made of resin and plastic that won't survive snow and freezing is now safe, and sound, in the shed.

My "over 60 senility" kicked in while preparing my own butternuts for the freezer.  I didn't remember to save seeds before the microwave process.  I don't think that is good for seeds I want to sprout next year.

We're going with a store-bought butternut squash.  I remembered to take the seeds out before I microwaved this one.  I saved the seeds for next season, since my own butternuts were traitors this year and I worried that the seeds may be bad producers.  Sorry, it sounds harsh to blame them as, even though they did an AWFUL job this year, the rain and overcast skies were most likely the real culprits. 

Anyway, off to the left in the pic are those seeds lying on the paper towel they'll be wrapped in. All seeds are now hibernating in the refrigerator.  I'm giving them a chance next year.  I hope they realize that.  
                                   THEY'D... BETTER... GROW...!!!

I wanted to do a trial pecan pie, with bourbon, using the high-altitude pecan pie recipe I found.  The recipe has been a blessing up here as most other recipes failed miserably.  I wanted to know if I could add the bourbon and not experience any flop BEFORE company is here.  I just finished baking the trial pecan pie.  Yeah, someone's got to test the recipe... and then eat the evidence.

So, the verdict?   

... bourbon in pecan pies is WONDERFUL and it didn't foul up the recipe...

... winner, winner, chicken dinner... um, pecan pie...