Monday, April 22, 2013

Another overview of this blog...

This was the view south from the front of the house, right after the house was put on the land.  It was looking at the area where we entered our property.  Since this was taken we have changed our entry point onto the land.  The far trees are not on our property.  That area is called "the triangle ranch" but I'm not sure that it is called that by just our family, or if the owners call it that.  We are hoping the ranch is never developed, as the gorgeous trees make this view spectacular.

The view has also changed as between our land, and the fence in the distance, the property owners south of us have added a rental house.  We've tried, twice, to plant blocking greenery, but the plantings have failed each time.  It seems this may be the first few, of many times, we've encountered problems with our knowledge of plants, and our knowledge of this new climate.  Ya think!?

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