Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Each time we would go back to the valley to work, the house was left on it's lonesome.  And, when we'd come back up, it looked like there had been a party.  We'd find ATV tracks around the house, hibatchi's left on the land and trash everywhere.  It was time for a fence.

It took A LOT of fence.  You never think you're going to have to take out a small mortgage for a fence.   But, you do.  Then, you get in line for the job.  Then, you deal with "mountain time" which everyone in the mountains is on.  I guess we are, too, now. 

We are awesomely proud of the 2 blue spruce tress inside the fence.  They are our first plantings.  They both made it, which gave us some much needed hope we could get something to grow up here.  They were to be lit like Christmas trees during the holidays for people to drive by when arriving/leaving.  Now, they are considered in our back yard.  If we could have only known the future and put them by the entry gate we use now.  Still, magnificent trees like these will get their due and we will get them electrified someday.

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