Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Learning the art of the French drain...

Before anymore improvements went onto the property, we needed to get a drain along the northern house foundation.  Rain and snow melt run downhill right to the foot of the foundation.  Paranoid me was always afraid of water making it under and freezing, causing heaving.  So, read a lot of books on the subject and devised this drain.

Trench... check.  Liner... check.   Later, porous pipe... check.  Mesh... check.   Large cinders... check.    Seventy six feet now draining well... CHECK!

Steve manicuring the cinders to his specifications.  Which are exacting!
The drain has worked really well.  Water just pours from the end of the pipe during July rains and Spring snow melt.  For those few who noticed... yes, I went in and painted the foundation before the cinders were added. 

Just a few more background info posts and we'll be up and running on the next set of lessons we embark on.

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