Thursday, April 25, 2013

We lucked out and the acreage behind our 2.60 acres came up for sale.  We have a GREAT realtor and she notified us before it hit the market.  We were thrilled when we got it.  So, now we are at our finished homestead size of 4.68 acres.  Just enough to grow some food, raise some food and still be separated from the neighbors.  Got another loan and another fence.

Having survived the Rodeo-Chediski fire, in 2002, we knew that the mountains are prone to fires, but, we did not expect another one soon.  However, in 2009, neighbors lost control of smoking materials and started a doozy.  It took out their house and came through our property.  It missed our house by 10 feet (hand of God was over it, for sure), and took out a home and two garages north of us.   Unfortunately, we lost a lot of pine trees.  That is the saddest result, as Ponderosa and PiƱon pines take years to grow.  As trees die we replace them with Aspens and other poplars. 

Finally, we came to the point of planning what we wanted to do with the land.  Now the exciting stuff begins.....

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