Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The garden slowly getting done..

After the delivery of the garden soil things started to move faster than they had.  Ok, I shouldn't have much say in the time it is taking to get the garden in.  Steve has done all the work and has suffered all the backaches and strains.  I wanted to help more, but my back wouldn't allow it.

Watching him now shovel the dirt into the gardens makes me wish I could help.  Truth be told, I did push the full wheel barrel over to the far garden, but only a few times before I couldn't.  Steve works like a machine and I wonder at how he does it.

The soil pile looked like it was barely enough to fill the two garden beds.  It was deceiving.  When they were both filled, we still had a huge pile.  We, (Steve) filled them, wet them down, filled them, wet them down and so on.  The soil settled quite a bit each time.  Finally they seemed to be as full as they would ever be. 

I was chomping at the bit to try out some hoops I'd bought through Gardeners Supply.  In order to get the seeds in, and growing, at 6700' I knew I'd need to help warm the soil quickly and protect the seeds from the cold.   Hoops with garden cloth over them seemed to be the answer.  I tried them out with the cloth on them and left them to see how they would hold up.  We are also very windy here and I needed to see if they would even stay up in the beds.

Turned out that the hoops were too flimsy to stay upright.  The wind would whip and they would move sideways enough for some to fall over.  If I stuck them far into the soil, they were too short for growing most plants. 

Now, we needed another plan for hoops and we decided that we would build them ourselves.

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