Sunday, May 26, 2013

Who ya gonna call?... Wind busters...

Solutions, they do come sometimes.  We found a way to keep the hoops on the beds when the winds whip up.

For the time being, found that using long bungee cords held the hoops onto the garden beds.  This picture was taken after 50 mph winds came through.  Chairs and other assorted equipment went flying, but the hoops stayed.  YES!!!

Our next garden requirement was to get water to the garden.  We could, either, get a dedicated line, or use a far faucet.  Duh!  Have a dedicated line brought in.  Will save on wasted time walking between garden and faucet.  (Ok, I could use the extra exercise, but usually winded from the altitude and don't want more problems breathing).

Found one of the many surprises that we have experienced up in the mountains.  Illegal water lines across our property.   Actually, not illegal when they were first put in, but wouldn't be allowed in today's world.  The plumber sliced right through these two when trenching our line.  We had them repaired so someone, somewhere, wouldn't be without.

Proud owners of a new water line and freeze-proof faucet.  We've had two water faucets blow off during freezes up here.  This one almost guaranteed not to freeze.  We are seriously considering replacing other two faucets with the same.
Now, it's time to get the next item on our garden list.... shed.


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