Thursday, June 6, 2013

From cool mountains to....HADES, in 3 hours.....

Just back to the cool... well, cooler mountains after a 3 day jaunt to the Phoenix area.   Never a good trip when first day there starts off with a 108˚day.   Tomorrow they hit 112˚, as being reported by 2 of 3 TV stations. 
Reminds us every single time why we relocated. 

Closeups here of the water line placement to the raised beds.  Yes, I was late in putting these on, as you can tell by the garden cloth still on the hoops.

Steve was very detailed on digging the trenches and laying the pipes.   He did some saying of "non-kid-friendly" language, especially when making his 3rd trip to the hardware store for connectors.

General placement of the seeping hose for the lettuce and carrots raised bed.  Later, I did some rearranging after a few runs of water didn't reach all the areas equally.  This has to be just right or I'll be afraid to leave the garden for longer intervals of time.  (Afterwards, the far end of the area where the hose curves sank several inches, over the aforementioned septic holes)

Our lovely attempt at hooking up the timer for watering during this visit to the valley.  The timer took up so much space that we couldn't hook the 4 faucet connector back up correctly.  It kinked the black plastic pipes going underground to the beds.  So, we improvised with a hose and hooked it over the faucet top to support the heavier 4 faucet connector.  It worked well, but some serious tinkering will ensue.                              

Lastly, before leaving, Steve made a valiant attempt at a speed record for shingling a shed.  Sadly, I believe there was no record set.  He even came up with two completely different patterns of shingle placement, one on front and one on back. He still isn't quite sure how he did that.   I'm just glad it was finished before any rain was in the forecast.

Since we've now arrived back from the valley I can say our attempt at irrigating the garden had some mixed reviews.   The water did come on and I believe that garden did survive.  HOWEVER, the small bed looked parched so I must see that it gets more of the pie next trip.   The bed that keeps sinking did more of it without me there to add dirt. 

Overall, I'm pleased with our experiment and will take what I've learned into account for the next trip.


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