Sunday, June 30, 2013

Garden tally, so far......

The bush beans are the stars of the garden.  They are full, sturdy and vibrant.  They are so green that they are visible at quite a distance from the garden. They have lived up to their promises of NOT needing any supports.

I hope they produce as much as their packets have promised.  No flowers yet, so I'm anxiously waiting for them.

The zucchini plant looks sickly, but it has produced 3 flowers.  I've never had a zucchini plant look like this one.  Most are really full and grow like weeds.  I'm thinking I bought a "bad" one.  Judgement withheld until I see what the fruit looks like.

I had covered one tomato plant with a hoop and had left these two out in the open.  I figured nothing would really bother them until fruit appeared.  They are now putting out flowers.  But, because of those "rogue" garlic plants, they have become targets to something that started eating the garlic shoots and progressed to them.  I had put the stakes in when I planted them for just this contingency so they are now wrapped in bird netting.  Let's see how smart the predator is.

The sweet peas were NOT living up to their hype.  Bush peas that need no support?  Balderdash!!  They started out sickly looking and just prostrated themselves on the ground.  They are growing and flowering, but they look dreadful.  I now have gotten a few pods produced and growing, but I may not grow these particular plant types again.   A quick trip to the hardware store and they have a support, of sorts, with some bamboo stakes.  The store had very few options, a problem living in the mountains.  They aren't laying in the water now, so they may start to do better.                                           

As for the rest of the plantings... my lettuces are so-so.  The leaf lettuces came up at about 75% and the butterhead is running very far behind at about 45%.  The yellow pepper plants, ALL 4, are looking shriveled and dry at the edges.  They get plenty of water so maybe they aren't for my garden.  The red peppers are growing and have started flowering.  Carrots seem to be doing well, ditto for the rosemary; chives not so well and haven't seen hide, nor hair, of the parsley or cilantro.  The few marigold plants are doing their thing and the orange flowers are pretty.
Well, I guess I'll need the garden to do a lot of growing before I can say it was a success.  

Hmmm, what to talk about next time?????


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