Thursday, June 13, 2013

Have the feeling I'm being watched...

So, I'm working around the garden, taking a few pictures for the blog.  It's VERY hot, so I sat in my chair under a tree.   Suddenly, I feel I'm being watched.   It's a strange feeling, especially when there is nobody around.  Even Steve has conveniently disappeared... so, I look around. 

There it is.  There is this man in the tree watching me.

This branch in a Ponderosa pine was cut quite a while ago, as it will probably be a treehouse tree soon.   Doesn't the pattern in the cut look like a bearded man?  Scary!!
Now, I'm not gonna sell this tree branch, like they do pancakes and potato chips, on craigslist or ebay.   But, I'm thinking I'd have some money here, for someone who needs a Grizzly Adams, or Paul Bunyan, piece of art.  Neat!!!
(Personal guided tours can be arranged, though!)

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