Sunday, June 9, 2013

Hey, NOT fair!! 93.9˚ in the mountains?

Love this little solar digital thermometer/clock I found in a gardening catalog.  Well, I loved it when it showed a reasonable temperature.  High temps are only supposed to be in the Phoenix area...(ok, other states, too, but not in our mountains).  Truth be told, it actually topped out at 97.8 yesterday afternoon.  I'm eternally grateful that we weren't in the 112˚ range of the valley. 

After our little trip last weekend,  I spent most of the next few days giving my garden TLC.  Filled in the sinking area, wishing fervently that it would STOP doing so.  Pulled a few weeds, but have had very few (thinking the watering for a month before planting got all those weeds to show themselves early so I could massacre them).   Culled a few more stones from the garden dirt (this mulch/garden soil mix is too rocky.  Idea, I must plan a screen to make before adding much more soil to garden...oh, STEEEVE...).  Fixed one hole in the seeping hose (well, Steve actually did it, but I pointed it out to him).

Steve sitting here in the newly roofed shed, probably afraid I've come by to make him do more stuff.  He's correct, of course.   
Steve and I decided to try and get some painting done on the shed.  This was decided upon before I saw how hot it would get.  I think I lasted about 1 hour, a record for me.  I began to have a Dad/ weed/ bayonet moment. 

Story here...
My dad would have all of us kids weed the gravel in front of the Phoenix valley house with old bayonets he brought back from WWII.  Spring and Summer, that was our jobs.  Now, I come from Irish, Swedish and German stock.  However, I was born with the Irish coloring.  So, I don't do heat.  At all!  After dad would constantly find me passed out in the yard, my jobs became indoor jobs. 

Now, Steve knows this about me because he's been there for many a "lights out" moment
(at the shooting range, picnic, church, just being outside, etc).  So, I guess he saw the signs. 
I was sent to the house for a Coke and piece of chocolate (sugar and a cool house usually bring me back).   Isn't he sweet?

Later, I grabbed the camera and found him bopping away to the radio while getting the painting started.  We had leftover paint from our garage so they'll match.  Later, we will have the house sided and metal roofed and painted to match them. 
I had a lovely time watching him paint.   As it cooled, I was able to sit in the shady areas of the shed and paint the foundation and areas the roller missed.  I had to redeem myself.

Phenomenon.  While we were in the valley, strange plants seemed to appear, but only around the tomato plants (see right leg of tomato cage).  I pulled top off of one, but couldn't get root.  Next day, it hit me.  These were shoots from the garlic cloves I put around the tomatoes to prevent fungus problems.  Boy, did they come up quickly.  I'm not sure if I should leave them there.  I guess I would get garlic to use, but will the expanding bulbs squeeze the roots of the tomatoes and cause problems. 
Never tried garlic clove method, so unsure.  Any advice?

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