Saturday, June 15, 2013

Officially farmers, in the "smallish" sense of the word...

Been over the moon today.  The garden beds are holding up and the plants are really starting to do their thing.

Two of our four snow pea plants have started to flower.  It's almost like having a baby you've waited for to arrive. They are so delicate.  I think I've finally gotten the water figured out and the timer is keeping the plants going.
The bed of snow peas and bush beans, with some leaf lettuce seeds in between.  At the end, the marigolds are going strong.   I've found that it worked best to have small depressions put at the base of each plant so the water stays there a while.  This garden soil seems to drain quickly and I wanted to only water once a day.  The depressions make it take just a little bit longer to drain and the beds are staying moist throughout the rest of the day, until the next days watering.

My compost pile is taking a long time to figure out.  I'm starting behind the "8" ball.  I really don't have good "browns" around my place.  All the trees are pines, so there are only pine needles to use for the carbon.  I don't like pine, as it acidifies the soil too much.   I have a food scraps bin on the kitchen counter.  When it's time to compost, I run them through the food processor to shred.

Then, I resort to newspaper shreds. They blow away in the high winds here, so after the food goes in I throw in some compost starter and top it off with the newspaper.  THEN, it all gets covered with some soil to hold it down.  A little water to moisten and I WAIT... wait... still waiting.  Not much happening.  I've turned it a few times, but this may be the test of patience that I'm going to FAIL....

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