Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sprouts... we have SPROUTS....

Just as I was thinking that with ALL the problems we've had, from sinking garden soil to inconsistent watering, we might've ruined things for the garden.  Well, the garden seems to have appreciated us.  Seeds are sprouting all over creation and this mountain girl is HAPPY!!

Lettuce...lettucii... well, anyway, the leaf lettuces have arrived.  I was dreading the weeks it seemed to take them.  Then, this whole area just sank about 8 inches.  Now, the water just drowns this area of the bed, so I was pessimistic about the chances of the seed making it.  Thank God he made them resistant to bad acts of nature... and maybe bad placement of garden beds. 
Now, I've got my dinner bowls ready to be filled.  HURRY!!
Carrots... we have carrots.  Ok, you have to look very carefully here.  Never grown carrots before, so I was surprised how fine the leaves are.  But, they are amazing.  They are in the sinking bed, so it'll be interesting to see how they do.  They also sit submerged for the few minutes it takes the standing water to disappear, but they seem to like it.

Maybe all the good luck can be attributed to this little guy?  Before retiring, I received this frog from the girls at work.  He's been put in the garden to scare the birds and bugs away.  He may also be the "guardian" of too much water and not enough soil?  Who knows.  I do think I may have him to thank for the new sprouts in his bed.

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