Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Time out for a needed break...

Just back from a needed break from the garden, as it's been stressful.  HA!  Truly, did need the break and headed to Sedona for some fun.  While there, we had the "super moon" show up to keep us company.

We headed for one of our favorite restaurants in Oak Creek, called The Hideaway.  If you like Italian food, try it.  You sit on a deck hanging out over Oak Creek Canyon.  Looking down it seems several stories high.  You're at treetop level and as dusk comes, the bats start flying in the canyon.  As we were leaving, the moon just dominated the sky.  I took this picture with the moon, Snoopy and Lucy.  (must look carefully to see the rocks which resemble the Peanuts characters)

Grandpa and grandsons headed out to hike the creek.  I think he'll appreciate just working on the garden when we get back.   They seem to have worn Grandpa out in just a few hours.

After sliding over rocks, into mud and chasing tadpoles and bugs, they stopped below the balcony I was "lounging" on and I had to get this picture.  Once white shirts are no longer pristine.  Probably a few cuts and bruises, too.  And that's just on Grandpa.  I was seriously looking forward to them ALL sleeping like the dead.  The boys didn't.  Oh, to have that energy, still.
We are back to the grind, now.  The garden did pretty well, but another sinking area appeared, this time in the snow peas.  I'm feeling cursed.   More later...

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