Tuesday, July 23, 2013

BBQ'd baby-back ribs in the crock pot.....

Wasn't going to post today, but due to overwhelming emails (mostly family) and 1 comment on the blog, decided I will just stop gardening and post what I did in regards to cooking the ribs. 

Truthfully, had to stop anyway as the thunder is so bad, I'm afraid my retirement may be cut short if I don't get into the house.  

This is not some sort of recipe.  I HAD tried a recipe for ribs in the crock pot before and they were barely edible.  With some trepidation, I tried what I know best... flying by the seat of my pants. 

I buy my ribs at a warehouse store (code name: Costco) in bulk.  I cut them into 4 to 5 rib pieces and freeze them.  When needed, I just pop two sections out and thaw.

Now, what I did to them was so easy.
Spray small crock pot with cooking spray.
Rinse and pat dry each pork piece.
Rub each piece with 1 teaspoon Liquid Smoke Flavoring.
Sprinkle each piece with salt and pepper, or favorite seasoning mix.

 (I love Paula Deen's house seasoning, which I modified a bit: 1 cup salt, 1/2 cup black pepper, 1/4 cup garlic powder and 1/4 cup onion powder, put in shaker)

Rub a large squirt of your favorite BBQ sauce on each piece, top and bottom.
Put in crock pot, set to low and let cook for 8 hours.
When cooked, GENTLY remove with tongs, or wide spatula.  They'll want to fall apart.
Place them on foil-lined cookie sheet, meat up.
Turn on oven broiler.
Slather BBQ sauce on top of each piece.
Place under broiler until BBQ sauce gets crunchy looking.
(Use large crock pot if cooking many pieces at a time)

OK, my duty done, I'm heading outside to see if there is anything I can do before the heavens open up with the deluge I'm expecting.   Of course, it could all be bluster, with no substance...again...

Too da loo...

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