Wednesday, July 24, 2013

BIG buildup..little results...

As I left you last session, I'd headed out to do some garden work, as hubby Steve continued to work on the inside of the shed.  I was REALLY hoping that the buildup going on in the skies would amount to something...

To the West, an awesome, dark sky was developing and flashes of lightening were going sideways across the sky.  I took this shot from the back door over the garage.  Now, you tell me, doesn't this look like SOMETHING should happen.... soon!!!???

I walked over to the garden, while still deciding if I was even going to stay out in the open.   This shot is looking East and I never got one of the lightening bolts on camera, but, believe me, they were shooting everywhere.  I decided discretion was the better part of valor and high-tailed it back to the house.

I practically walked right under this little guy who was getting the last few seeds before the storm hit.   He is a Lesser Goldfinch and there are currently four couples at the feeders daily.  Really small little guys, but they eat like horses.  Sadly, climbing up the stairs, I see a dead little female on a step.  The sliding glass doors are a hazard for them and quite a few birds have met their end smacking into the glass.

Dot met me at the door.  He's our dog pound cat.  Now, he's acting like he's glad he got to see me, but I know he was really hoping to catch a bird.  He sits by the door and probably does a lot of wishing.  You can see by looking at the screen, that he's also done a little bit of clawing at the screen hoping to get a bird.  Now, I think he's hoping I'll finally let him out, but ...NO!  He's gotten out three times and it's very hard to catch him.

Anyway, as the title says, all this buildup of clouds, lightening and thunder amounted to NOTHING.   If one drop of rain fell, it wasn't over our homestead.  

I got the better of Mother Nature, though, as this time I DID water, because I've learned NOT to believe all the lovely shows that appear on our mountain. 

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