Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Campfires vs. forest fires...

Fire smells are blessings when they are: ghost stories around campfires, home fireplaces in winter and cooking fires at any time.  We regularly awake to the smell of fires during this time of year. 

Our bit of the mountains are a favorite summer camping area for those up from the Valley of the Sun.   That can be a good thing, or a bad thing.  Since the monsoon has arrived, the fire restrictions have been lifted for campers.  If the campers are conscientious and put campfires out correctly, then we are happy campers, too.  If they are careless, we suffer.

We've been through two very bad and close fires.  One, ten feet from our side door, which took out a lot of pine trees and one, half a mile from our house, which took out many, many homes and a lot of forest.  We worried about the last, major fire which was several miles east of us, but was the largest wild fire in Arizona state history.  The Wallow fire took out over 800 square miles.  These specific fires were started by people, not Mother Nature. 
It's a little easier to forgive Her, than people.

So, the smell of any fire gets to us.  We've now been here long enough to sniff the wind and tell if we can enjoy the smell, or start packing to run.

Today was a "good" fire day.  I needed to rearrange the garden today, as my tomato plants have grown considerably and are covering other plants.  It was very pleasant today, with a smattering of showers and the lovely smell of campfires.  We've had a break in the daily thunderstorms which has given me this time to change things around.  Steve is still working on his tweaking of the shed, so we headed out.  I shot this picture to the south of the garden. 

Normally, this shot would be a great study in beige's, but the rains have brought the land to life.  The grasses have gone crazy and there are flowers of yellow and orange throughout the landscape.   Even this high in altitude, there are small, prostrate cacti under the grasses and they are turning a purplish color with orange flowers.  I usually hack them up as they are dangerous for little grandchild feet, but they are tenacious and come right back.  

Please excuse the plastic edging and such in the foreground.  As I said, Steve is still "perfecting" the shed. 
Nothing has been allowed to move in, yet. 

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