Monday, July 8, 2013

Hail is the bane of farmers... and parades!!

Luckily, the truck was put into the garage before the heavens opened with the biggest hail storm I've ever seen.   I'll bet there are dented vehicles all over the mountain.   The monsoon storms have come.   I checked a rain gauge and we had 4 inches of hail and rain just Thursday night.

Our dog-pound cat must've never heard anything like that hail storm, as he went crazy.  Steve tried to comfort him, but all it got him was claws in the arms.    He's under the bed every night as the storms start... the cat, not Steve.  

I checked the garden the next morning and my lovely bush beans have barely any leaves that escaped the hail.  Most are full of holes.   The hoops have fencing with bird netting over it, but the hail went right through and shredded the plants.  I'm so sad.  I hope they bounce back from this.

My strawberry plants were hit a lot, also, but no holes in the leaves.  Nope, just dead leaves all around the plants.   A gardener's life is never easy, huh??

We were still able to get Steve's truck dressed and ready for the parade.  A hail storm was NOT going to stop us.   Steve's sister was designated driver and, after dropping me off along the parade route, she lined the truck up in the staging area along the highway. 

I had to wait a long while to see the truck.  The parades seem to get longer each year, and Steve tries to get near the end so people behind him are not breathing diesel exhaust. 

So, I"m straining to pick them out in the line.  I think I see it, but something is wrong.  Yes, it's the only 5 ton military truck, but, what's in the back?   Seems they picked up hitchhikers for the parade. 
Steve was hoarse at the end as he kept yelling for donations for diesel fuel.  Ha!  Heidi did a magnificent job driving, what with little kids running up, dogs barking and running at floats, etc.  

They drove off into the distance, but did not go into the "wet zone" this year.   Steve didn't want people squirting Heidi in the face, even though it's not supposed to happen.  He got a face-full last year.  They turned off into the park where several kids had their pictures taken in the driver's seat.  It was hard getting Heidi out of the truck; she was doing a good "mother hen" imitation.   The rain held off until the parade was over, then it let loose for several hours. 
Of course, that doesn't bother Arizonans.  Remember, we go stand in the rain here.

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