Friday, July 26, 2013

No walking zombies here...

I actually stayed upright and awake through the day yesterday.  After being awakened at 2:15 a.m. I wondered if I would just drag through the day.  Surprisingly, I seemed even more energetic.  Maybe having the air electrified through the night recharged my battery???

Since the leaf lettuce has taken over our lives, for the time being, I'm constantly looking for ways to use it up.  We have a salad every night, but the two of us just can't keep up.   I made tacos for dinner last night, as a clever way to use up even more.  Steve gave me a "look" when I set his plate in front of him.  His tacos were bulging with lettuce.  He's more of a cheese, meat, sour cream and hot sauce kinda man, but he ate them with no complaints.  I took a pic of my little plate with my  good-sized coconut margarita.

Heading to the garden this morning I checked the compost bin on our kitchen counter and, yep,  it's past time to get it outside.  I put everything organic in the bin, something I've been training myself to do since up here.  I'm still trying to get my compost pile going strong, and it's still defeating me.  I love my food processor for preparing the scraps for the pile.  It holds a lot and gets everything into faster-compostable size.  I add a handful of shredded newspaper for the carbon and set out.

Adding it to the compost pile, I dig with a fork to loosen and turn it, then add the newest scraps and wet it.  I was surprised when turning it today as it seems to have started working and I saw some lovely "soil" starting to form.  Hurray!!  Was worried for nothing???

Ok, checking the garden I see this.  Is this the same scrawny zucchini plant I've been nursing along?  It's been yellowish and sickly looking since it was planted.  A while back, it put out three flowers, but nothing came of them.  Now, I don't know what's going on.  Lots of leaves, big leaves, but haven't gotten any zukes growing.  It seems to like the monsoon weather, though. 

I checked the yellow pepper plants and have to say they are failures.  They have put on some new leaves, but they still look like mostly shriveled plants.   They haven't put on height and only a little width.  I guess my hopes for my own fajita peppers have sailed.  :(

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