Thursday, July 25, 2013

Mother Nature reads my blog?.....WOW!

Well, I guess I was put in my place by Mother Nature.  Ok, maybe I shouldn't have gloated that I put one over on her by watering the garden even though all of the dark clouds, lightening and thunder didn't produce any rain for us.

At 2:15 this morning, Steve and I were bolted into the upright position in bed by the LOUDEST thunderclap ever imaginable.  Suffice it to say, Mother Nature had our attention.  I thought the roof had caved in... he thought there'd been a crash of some sort. In half a second, we understood what it was, but I don't ever want to wake that way, again.

At 2:15.2, all the power went out.... at 2:15.3 something hit the bedroom door with a crash and frantic clawing could be heard.  Poor Dot, I guess that clap woke him with a start and he couldn't get to our room fast enough.  We let him in and he sat on one, or the other of us for several minutes. 

Then, the rain... the RAIN... THE RAIN!!!   It sounded like buckshot hitting the skylights. 
I didn't run out to see, but there had to be hail in the rain to make that much noise. 

Well, as Mother unleashed her fury, we had to run all through the house shutting windows, which we'd left open, not expecting any rain.   Hard enough to do with lights on, dangerous to do in the dark.   Ok, nearly dark, as the lightening flashed continuously for an hour.  It was like being in a strobe light, but was effective in lighting our way from room to room. 

Finally, safe from clawing cat, darkened house and drenching rain, we all settled into bed and enjoyed the storm before the constant thunder put us back to sleep.

I must treat Mother Nature with a little more respect... and SHE let me know.

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