Monday, July 22, 2013

Rain, Rain, Go Away.... Come Again... in 2 days...

Since the monsoon has arrived, I have found another thing I don't know much about from growing things in the desert, as opposed to mountains... figuring out a watering schedule. 

Every day of the monoon there is this BIG buildup of dark, DARK clouds and LOTS of thunder bouncing off the hills.  Some days there is a gully-washer and others, just the build up and NOTHING.
(In the desert valley all this wind-up would still only mean water...water... water... as the storms are ALL build up, no rain).   
How is a novice farmer supposed to decide whether to water, or not? 

Ok, I'm not really expecting someone out there to tell me, but I'd sure like to be able to figure this out.  At noon, I just look at the clouds now, channel my inner farmer and mentally flip a coin as to whether I'm heading out to water, or not. 
                                  I've been guessing correctly at about 75%.  Guess that'll have to do.

My first harvest of the bush beans... and I'm glad I have a lot of other things for dinner. 
I think we'll each get 5 beans.

Steve is trying to get some paint on the shed between storms.  Dark Olive Green on beige. 

I realized that I haven't put a current picture of the house on the blog since it received it's make-over.  Soon, we hope everything matches on the property.  The garage has it's new metal roof, the house and shed will after some tweaking on the house.  The background color will go the beige of the shed and garage with
olive green trim and dark charcoal metal roof.

I've been trying barbecued baby back ribs in the crock pot today.  So far, they smell wonderful.  Mashed white and sweet potatoes, the beans and a BIG salad (gotta use the lettuce up quickly now, it's coming in FAST) and I think dinner will be done.                    Mmmmmmm..............

PS ... been a couple of  hours and just had to come back to say.... the ribs were fantastic.  I think I've found the way to get them juicy, tender and well, wonderful.  So, I guess I'll do them this way instead of over a grill, which doesn't always mean tender.   The green beans turned out well just blanching in salted water with butter, salt and pepper. 
Got an "atta girl" from the hubby. :)

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  1. Everything looks great!! GOT TO HAVE the slow cooker recipe for the ribs. My mouth is watering....and as for the watering of the plants....(nice segue right)? Don't you just go by what happened the day before? Like if it didn't rain, then water in the morning, if it rained, don't. If it turns out to rain after you have watered it will just run off, right? You don't have a bottom to the planters, so shouldn't it just soak thru?