Thursday, July 4, 2013

The 4th is off to a GREAT start...

Got the 'ol 5 ton out of the mothballs the hubby keeps it in..... NAW!!!  He has it out weekly.  He says it needs to be kept in shape. Ha!  He just can't keep his hands off it.

This picture is from last years parade on the 4th.  As you can see, it's wet.  They had just gotten into the "wet" zone and everyone was squirting...everything...and everyone.  In the back, doing their own bit of squirting, is Steve's sister, Heidi, our youngest son, Aaron and a grandson.  Heidi really did the decor up by dying her hair pink.   (she's laughing, as Aaron is really laughing, because the truck jerked and she fell into the large container of water used for the squirt guns).

This year, we are dressing up the truck with red-white-blue bunting.  The truck gets washed and beautified tomorrow; then decorated.  I'll post a finished pic later.

There's a beer garden in the park.  There's an anvil shoot later and then the food, booths and fireworks.  Can't wait. 

The monsoon has arrived, hence the blogs title today.  We endured the worst heat and now, the heavens have opened up and rain, blessed rain, has cooled us off. 

The garden loves it and the bush beans have started putting out their flowers.   I'll get out for pictures, unless I stay in the beer garden too long......... mmmmmm!  Beer! 

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