Friday, July 12, 2013

We have the Monsoon... and a lagoon.....

I've found the sure starter to massive growing for our garden... get the monsoon to appear.
Since it showed up our plants, especially the tomatoes and bush beans, have gone crazy.  The lettuce plants look wonderful and the carrots are looking great, too.

Every day the clouds work their way up to dark blue, which this picture isn't truly showing, and about 5:00 PM, the rain starts.  Last time the rain filled the gardens 'til overflowing.  I think the raised beds have been a good idea, as the water perks out quickly.  If the beds were in the ground, they might've drowned.

The leaf lettuces that came up the first planting.  More have been planted, since.

A close-up of the carrots.  I'm still not sure if the monsoon is responsible for the kick in the pants or if they just finally got their "groove" on, but I'm happy they look so good.  I'll have to get some more pictures, as I went out today and the beds look even fuller than yesterday.

Steve is painting the inside of the shed today.  We're hoping to get it sealed from dirt and moisture before building a shelf inside for the hay and feed for the chickens, and eventually, rabbits.   Then, a couple of vents and another window and we'll be done.

       Almost looks like I have him in "time out" but, honestly, he's doing this on his own. 
                                                                      I didn't even beg.....

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