Thursday, August 29, 2013

Down, down, down, into the valley of hot! Hot! HOT!!!

Just back from a trip to Phoenix.  SO glad we left that area, as the heat and humidity made it a trying trip. 

Had to take the new car in for it's 6 months warranty checkup.  A long way to go, but a necessity if you have a warranty.  She (it's mine, so it's a she) needed her beauty treatment called Auto Butler.  Almost sounds like she hit the spa, huh?  While dithering around the dealership trying to talk Steve into replacing his old pickup, we met two really nice salesmen.  I left him sparing with them and retrieved my sparkling beauty. 

Even though Steve wouldn't budge on getting a new truck, they tried to help me get the car synced to my phone.  Tried, because they couldn't, which dumbfounded them.  So, she went to the shop, again, for testing.  Turns out, I get a whole, new radio.  No wonder this task was impossible for me, Steve, Aaron, his geek friends, and now, the dealership.  I suppose it's a blessing we tried to get this done, or we'd never have known this part of the radio was broken.

We left at noon and when we arrived home, found out we'd just missed getting a roaring thunder storm and rain in the valley.  It didn't look like we'd had anything up here, at least for the last few days. 

As always, the garden was my first stop.  Lettuce was ready; green beans were ready; two zucchini were ready.  Watering was needed.  Noticed my scrawny pepper plants were lopsided.  Seems they are too spindly to hold up the huge peppers they have produced.  Propped them up with bits of rock. 

The third planting of carrots have appeared.  I'm truly hoping I have carrots through a lot of the winter months.  I will get them covered then with garden cloth, so wish me luck.  Also, my second lettuce plantings have sprouted.  Planted no-where-near the amount of the first crop, but these few should tide us over until we are TRULY sick of salads.

It was an overnight trip, so we left Dot with a lot of food and water.  He doesn't do well in the car, so felt this was nicer for him.  I wonder if he even noticed we were gone?  Did he wander the floor looking for us?  Or, did he think we'd been gone, forever?   Was he scared?

Couldn't tell, but he seemed "OK" we were back... but, not excited. 
Would he have been, if the food had run out?

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