Friday, August 9, 2013

Is Fall here, or what!!!

Feeling like Fall these days and I'm surprised that I'm looking forward to it.  The mornings are around 59˚ and Steve just padded by me with a blanket wrapped around him.   

                                                You know, it's still summer.... stop that!!! 
        This weather is why we moved to the mountains so buck up and take it like a man.
                                             'Course, I'm now cold at night, but don't tell him that.

Feel like I'm looking under a lady's petticoat, but had to get this picture of my first zucchini.  (center).  My little, scrawny, sickly yellow plant has transformed into a beauty.  And she's producing.  WOW!  I still don't know what made it change.  It is getting the same amounts of water and sun.  The temperatures have still been in the 80-90's, so what made it grow?   I had no problems with zucchini in the Valley even when the temps were around 115˚.   This I must ponder awhile.   As a newbie gardener in the mountains, I'm obviously missing something.   Suffice it to say, all the plants are loving this weather, 'er season, 'er climate.

 It's the season of weeds, too.  All the monsoon rains have greened-up the landscape and flowers are everywhere.  Seeing all sorts of new birds in the area, too.

Now, we have bird feeders in what we call the "bird feeder tree" (coincidence, I think not!) which just happened to be the closest tree to the sliding glass doors in the back of the house.  It's where we sit, for hours, watching the happenings at the feeders.     

The spilled seed has sprouted all over the ground, creating a forest of greenery.  The sneaky squirrels are using it as cover for raiding the spilled seed.  Most of the plants have a large leaf and are beautiful, but I have no idea what seed in the mix has grown into them.  It's lovely to look at, but Steve has an itchy finger on the power button of his Weed Eater and I may not be able to hold him off much longer. 

Yesterday, we heard a crash on the patio door and noticed Dot frantically trying to get to the neighbor's cat Fifi, who was also slinking through those weeds intent on a bird dinner.   She's a wild cat that sometimes eats at the neighbor's house, so I'm not sure if she's really theirs, or not.  Now that she knows Dot is on his perch at the window, she likes to tease him.  Females... sheesh!!

                    So, lovin' this time of year.  Cool... rainy... green... lazy... wonderful!!!

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