Sunday, August 4, 2013

My hate of mosquitoes… grows!!

Well, we have finally entered into that time of monsoon summer where my love of the cool, rainy days meets, smack on, with HATE of the little buggers that are spawned by them.  

For the life of me, I haven't seen any standing water around our place, but it has to be somewhere close.  If I had no sense, I'd scout out the neighbors land for the culprit bog, but I do.  Also, odds are the neighbors are armed, so thanking God for the sense he gave me.

Was working in the shed with Steve, semi-helping him add shelves along the roof line for small items that I know will accumulate in the garden.   Semi-helping, in the sense that I give advice and hold light items he's nailing in.   I nail like a girl, and I can't hold up heavy things, so I'm pretty much useless.   BUT, my mind is like a steel trap, so I can visualize plans well and tell him how to execute them.   I'm sure he hates that part.

Anyway,..... where was I going?   Oh, yes, he's already painted most of the interior of the shed white, to make it lighter inside and to seal the wood from water and spills that may occur.   Found out that it also helps to see the mosquitoes as they enter to feast on us.  So, we're nailing, and dancing, and swatting around the shed, while swearing (sorry kids!) about mosquitoes and our hate of them.   I know I startled Steve when I swatted his head, but, honestly, that mosquito on his temple looked ready to bite.  He forgave me when I fished it out of his hair so I could show him.  

I'm also looking to get one of those repellent doohickeys that clip onto you, but to put on the bed, as I awoke with two itchy bumps.   Really, shouldn't we be safe in our bed?  In the valley, I had a mosquito net around the bed for years.  Only way I survived monsoon there.  If the doohickey doesn't work I may resort to that item, again.

The shelves turned out pretty well.   We also added two vents on each gable to provide some air flow as this shed gets very hot during the afternoons.   Love that Steve has energy after lunch and he felt the need to get the first coat of paint on the new shelves.  Our next item on the list is a window on the back wall to provide more light and, if we can find one that can be opened, more ventilation.

After a check of the garden (and glad no lettuce needed to be harvested) I headed in for the day.  Just as the rains came.   I checked emails and looked out on those lovely, accursed rains.

Dinner tonight.  I'm rather proud of myself for this dinner.  I was able to use lettuce in two dishes.   Steve's hamburgers might've been a little fuller than usual, but, shhhhhh!   Don't let him know his chlorophyll content has risen.   That's partly where the wine comes in.  FORGET!!!  FORGET!!!

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