Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Painting and weeding around the homestead...

It has been several days since we've had the monsoon rains in this area, so these last few days we've been getting outside stuff done.  Steve was true to form and got the Weed Eater fired up and has been cutting a lot of the weeds down.  This year I asked him not to throw the dead weeds away so I can let them dry and add them into the compost pile.  Finding enough carbon has been hard and I don't notice the shredded newspaper breaking down very fast. 
I hope the weeds are better for the pile.

We had finished the floor and shelf of the shed with a good gloss enamel for floors. It should minimize wear on the shelf from the straw, when there is a need for the straw.  The floor has sprinkles for traction, just in case I get things wet and they will prevent me from doing the splits, which would hurt.  We found a perfect window at Lowes, which opens and is screened.  I can really feel the difference in temperature in the shed with it and the roof vents.

Hooks on the door will help me get to my favorite tools without going into the shed.  I had fun adding the hooks, inside and out.  Ok, ok!  Sheesh!  Steve is giving me that "look" so let me say that I had fun POINTING to where I wanted the hooks and Steve LOVINGLY drilled holes and installed them.  We are feeling like some sort of gardeners, now.  Still need to add the French drain along the front of the shed as water is beating along that foundation.  Then, we can put the ramp on so moving the wagon and wheelbarrow will be easier.

I think we've passed the garden production threshold, so we now have to design the enclosure for the chickens.   Hopefully, we can get the fencing installed before the ground freezes.  We are not the fastest people, so that timeline might be adjusted.

After all the work, I made fajitas for dinner.  If I plan ahead, they are easy and tasty.  I'm still buying my peppers, but I may have a few in a month.  Yes, when out working, I checked my sad, little pepper plants, and they'd bloomed and we have baby peppers.  I'm a little shocked, as they were doing as badly as the zucchini.  So, two veggies have fooled me with their lack of response to my careful tending.  I still have much to learn from Mother Nature, and must never believe my plants are goners, until they are really goners.

           Now, where are my tortillas and tequila?  Oh, yes!   What a wonderful life.


  1. Looking inside a nice clean shed just makes me happy :) LL

  2. I hope it's clean for a while. I try not to track mud in. Thanks for your cheerful thoughts.