Monday, August 19, 2013

Pardon my French.... drain

Sunday, Steve manicured the French drain along three sides of the shed.  Today, we headed out to Show Low to get cinders for it.  We tried to head out early, but as family knows, I have a hard time keeping Steve on time.

(Background,  I come from a family that arrived at, wherever, 20 minutes early.  I think dad did it so he always got to pick a good parking spot.  I married Steve, who comes from a family that was always a hour late.   This was not always good, as his mother was the choir director at church.  Not a pretty picture sometimes.  When I married him, I spent the first year trying to fix him, and now I just lie about the time we have to be somewhere.  It works for us)

Suffice it to say, we left late, but got to Show Low in time to still get breakfast items at McDonald's.  After driving out of the drive-thru, we headed to the business.  Or so we thought. 

(Background, I can read a map and figure out where to go.  Steve looks at the map, folds it, puts it away and heads out... in the wrong direction)  

He didn't write down the address, but remembered the street name.  SO, we wandered on South Penrod, before I checked my phone for the address.  We then headed to North Penrod.   

Ok, his bad directions lead to something great.  The wrong way took us by 9 elk so we had a show.  Four does and their babies and a buck.  Five feet off the road.  WOW!!

Once we knew the address, we made good time.  The business had the cinders right there, so we didn't have to head to their quarry.  Once the pickup bed was filled, we found out we only needed half of what we originally thought.  Cha Ching!!  Saved some moo la.

So, the French drain is almost done.  Steve always has more energy than me, so he was raring to go when we arrived home.  I went in and vegged for a few.  Dot slept on my feet, so I couldn't disturb him.  
When he awoke, I headed out to check the garden for produce needing to be brought into the house.  As always, there was a lot of lettuce and green beans. 
Must think of something for dinner that goes with salad.  Guess it's a spaghetti night.

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