Sunday, August 25, 2013

Someone won't be sitting down for a while...

Well, Steve is sitting things out for the next few days.  And by sitting, I mean it figuratively, not literally.  

He made an executive decision while on the ladder fixing the roof fascia boards and it didn't turn out well.  On ground not level, he tried to counterbalance on the ladder instead of getting down and balancing the ladder before climbing it.  It didn't work and ladder went over and Steve went down and he broke his tailbone.  So, it's painful for him to sit in any position for a while.  

Since we have visitors he has an excuse for not working, but having a conversation in the living room is comical with him squirming all around trying to get comfortable.  He has promised not to try anything like it again, and I may have to supervise any repairs around the homestead. 

Took our visitors around the compound, as Steve calls it.  Something has taken to looking under this rock for who-knows-what.  They seemed very determined about it.  Just to the right of the picture...
was this little bird.  It doesn't look like something put it there to bury it.  It doesn't look like the neighbor's cat, Fifi left it there as she'd have eaten it.  So, did it die of natural causes, or did it hit something and land there?  A question we probably won't get answered.  Sad death for any bird.

It was decided to have chicken fajitas for our visitors.  Someone in the family asked what marinade I use.  It is so simple. 

First, slice up veggies. (I use two onions and two ripe peppers of any color, not green ones which are harsh)  Chicken breasts are pounded thinly, or butterflied.  Now, I just pour some olive oil into each bag.  Add salt and pepper to taste.  Add a good splash of tequila to each bag.  Two healthy squirts of lime juice into each.  (can use whole limes, but I usually don't have them around)  A dash of ground cumin.  Garlic powder or minced garlic, to taste.  And, if you are adventurous, a pinch of red pepper flakes. 

Do this in the morning and refrigerate bags all day in a bowl in the frig.  Then bring to room temperature and grill breasts until browned and juicy and veggies until they are soft and browning.  Serve in warmed flour tortillas with diced tomatoes, lettuce, shredded cheese, sour cream and hot sauce of choice.  Hot refried beans with hot sauce and melted cheese on top and the meal is complete.... until you get the ice cream out for dessert.

If you are more adventurous, add margaritas.... coconut margaritas make this meal even better.  Now, if I can get a few into Steve, he may not notice he's in pain for the night. 
Good idea, Gail... good idea.

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