Wednesday, August 21, 2013

We love the French....... drain

After a fearful thunderstorm last night, Steve was out early to finish manicuring the cinders over the French drain.  I think he did a wonderful job.  It is now protected from the heavy rains that send water downhill right to the door of the shed. 

I guess the monsoon has ramped-up for a few days.  It is dark and overcast right now.  I'm smelling fire somewhere in the area, but it's the pleasant camping smell and we are thanking God we haven't had a lightening fire in this area.

Steve was checking the perimeter of the house, as he usually does after a big storm.  This back corner of the roof gets the lion's share of the water off the roof, in Spring thaw, or after the rains.  We had noticed that the paint was flaking off for some time, so he pulled off the fascia board and found it had rotted through.  Here he's taken off both fascias and found some water had settled in the roof. 

He went shopping at the local hardware store, which he loves to do so he can shop-talk with the guys there.  It's halfway fixed, but the rains are starting up again and he's covering the hole with plastic sheeting.  I'm going to put on a photo below of the clouds I took before heading (running) in for the day.   Can't work in it, but LOVE the rain...

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