Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A longer road trip...

Headed to the valley of the sun and found it was the valley of the rain.  Wow!  I loved it.  We were expecting to roast while doing some family business,  but really enjoyed the rain and thunder. 

We hung with the family and had a few meals with extended family, too.  The trip was supposed to be a few days, but ended up being a full week.  Had the car worked on and got a visit in with my mom, along with the grand kids and even stopped in at Costco for more supplies.

Strange how visiting our old house felt like it was someone elses'.  Our second son lives there so the odd burglar won't stop by until we can sell it.  Hopefully, in October we can get it painted and on the market soon after.

While away, the few pink tomatoes finished ripening and I found I was the parent of octuplets.    These Roma tomatoes made my day.  It was pretty cold up here when we arrived so this was a pleasant surprise.  I was fearing that the cool nights and all the rain would damage their chances of making it. 

Of course there was more lettuce to pick, but most of the older plants are now shot and had to be pulled.  I salvaged what I could and now will await the new lettuce harvest.  The peppers are HUGE and the plants are struggling to stay upright under the load.  I don't think it's been hot enough for them so I have no idea when, or if, the peppers will ripen as they should. 

All three pumpkin seeds put out leaves while we were away.  If they all make it, we'll have pumpkins in late fall.  No sign of the spinach sprouts.  Carrots were pushing themselves up from the dirt so they need to be pulled, or covered.   Two more zucchini were added to the larder.  All in all, a productive week away.

Tomorrow, Steve said he'd help in getting garden cloth on the hoops to help in raising the daytime heat and keep the plants safe from the cooler nights.  Hoping this will extend the season.  Starting to feel like I know what I'm doing.......

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