Thursday, September 19, 2013

Cheese balls, not just for holidays anymore...

Fall is ever closer these days, with night temperatures in the high 40's.  I'm actually wearing socks to bed and wrapping up in micro-fleece sheets.  Not something I've done this early before.   It's kind of exciting. 

I really like decorating for the holidays, so I'm going to start pulling Halloween decor from the garage.  Have another sign I made for the driveway, homage to the scary Halloween nights of old.   It's too cold to have trick-or-treaters come to the houses, so some of my delight is gone. 

We loved having the scariest house on the block when we lived in the valley.  We were most proud of the numbers we generated for kids who would not come up the driveway.   Many a sheepish parent would bring their child's bag up for a treat while the kid watched in horror. 
Sad really.  I love scaring people.  I guess I must live in those dreams, instead.

Now, on to cheese balls.  They really remind me of holidays with family and friends.  At work, we had a co-worker named Barb.  We practically knocked over our chairs to get to her cheese balls when she would FINALLY bring some in during the holidays.  I still use her recipe in making my own.  Truth be told, I have modified the recipe a little.  I use ripe peppers and add one more package of Buddig meat.  I figure that I can indulge in the extra meat and I like the sweeter ripe pepper.  But, Barb had the recipe down, pat!

So, since I love them, I now make cheese balls anytime I want.  I love them for breakfast.  With Wheat Thins they're just right for mornings when I don't want to have to think about what to eat.  I also changed the form to logs, just for convenience.  But, what a Mmmm!

The garden is shutting down for the season.  I've pulled most of my original lettuce plants.  None bolted because I kept pulling leaves, but they were growing taller and the lettuce was not as tender.  The few new plants I planted to last into late fall have just started to produce a few leaves.   I will start harvesting them in a few weeks.  The spinach had sprouted and I'm knee-deep in carrots.  Some Roma tomatoes are ready to pick each day.

Last night dinner was salads, with carrots, pecans, blue cheese, grilled chicken and green onions.  I'm glad most of our lettuce stores are depleting. 

Tomorrow  we're heading into town to have a dinner out.  Never knew how much that is looked-forward-to now that we produce a lot of our own food. 

I LOVE to have someone else make dinner, for a change.

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