Saturday, September 28, 2013

FREEZE!!! You're dead!!...

Well, even the covers we put on the garden did not stop the freezing weather from wreaking havoc on the garden.  We're well below freezing each night and more extensive steps must be taken tonight.

The tomatoes filled their enclosure yesterday, but after last night they've shrunk by half.   Lots of withered leaves.  I was able to harvest a few hardy fruit, which will appear in another photo.  Tonight, we've added heavy plastic sheets over the cloth and hope the tomatoes do better.  If not, I guess my tomatoes are gone for this season.

Some tomatoes had to be picked before truly ripe, but I'm not taking any chances after last night.  The two on the table are from the large tomato plants I tried, so I'm surprised they ripened after this cold.  I don't think the zucchini will produce any more, given the temps.  Still trying to save the peppers, which are HUGE but not ripe.

Had some fun with getting the place ready for Halloween.  Nails are now the colors of candy corn (yellow, orange and red).  Frankly, I'm surprised I still have nails to decorate.  The gardening destroys them quickly.  I've taken to just re-enforcing the tips with polish and several layers of clear coat, so I have them for this year.  Unknown if this will be repeated next year.

Was picking more lettuce for dinner, so it looks like another salad night.  I can't say that too loudly.  Steve will bolt.  
Wait, I just heard the side door.  OMG!!  It's finally happened after 38 years of marriage... he read my mind.....

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