Thursday, September 12, 2013

Hummers are humming all the way... to Mexico

This summer has gone so quickly and it has been very cold these last few mornings.  Even puttering around the garden yesterday afternoon, both Steve and I noted we were cold. 
The wind howled last night and made me cold just listening to it... that is before it's hum put me to sleep.  I HATE the notion that I'll be needing warmer clothes, soon.

Because it's getting to be fall up here, Steve brought in the hummingbird feeders.  It's time for the hummers to migrate south.  I'll miss their fighting dives and the Jetson's sounds.
The feeders are all cleaned and packed away until next spring.

When the night temperatures drop we get these lovely raspberry-colored weeds all over the property.  They are an accurate foreteller of winter coming to our mountains.  I wish I knew which weed changes to this color, as I'm curious about how they start out.   When more have made the change, I'll get another picture onto the blog.  The color is amazing in bunches.

Today, Steve is working on the shed ramp and I'm staying out of his way.  Of course, I was called out for a strategy session before he decided on the design, but I know when to stay out of the way of hammers, nails, screws and the table saw. 

The tomato plant having the yellow leaves problem was covered and I'm hoping this warms it up a bit.  It seems to be getting less sun than the other two, probably now that the sun is no longer overhead and too many pine trees are blocking the sun out.  The other two are producing ripe tomatoes and looking healthy.  Something I'll have to change next spring is where the tomatoes will go for a longer season. 

I found a few bags of old recipes to sort that I'd cut from magazines and newspapers, some back 20 years or so. Decided to get the old stuff out of the house. However, reading them has made me hungry.   DARN!   The crock pot is perking away with creamy pork chops for dinner, so that's probably really the reason I'm hungry. 

It's date night tonight, so I'm going all out!

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