Saturday, September 14, 2013

Oktoberfest in our mountains...

I WAS going to get a few things done in the garden today and then post about them. I just sat down to post and there was this HUMONGOUS BANG followed by LOUD music. I had forgotten that Oktoberfest started today in the park. So, I'm putting all of you on hold and heading out for some fun; will see you in a few.
(1:30 PM)

Hi!! Back at 9:00 PM and now watching the biggest hail storm in quite a while. It never fails that when a party is planned during the summer and early fall, there will be a huge rain. Labor day was really wet with 4 hours of hard rain. Today, lots of thunder but the heavy rain held off until just before we headed home. We had many booths this year and I had fun perusing them. Found a Christmas gift for a grandson. Had to pick up some Kettle corn and caramel corn.

From the Beer Garden we had country musicians to listen to. I stuck with root beer but Steve enjoyed a Black Lager Guinness. Yuck!! I only like light, smooth beers so I rarely drink beer. Now, if they had a Wine Garden, I'd be there. Bratwurst and BBQ'd pork sandwiches and we were set.

Ran over for the next anvil shoot. Ok, the picture is a little blurry. No matter that you know it will be LOUD, I defy anyone to not jerk when it goes off. REALLY LOUD!   I wouldn't get as close as the women I was shooting between and I told Steve that I was knocking him down to run should the anvil come our way.  Steve turned his hearing aid off.  Smart move.

And the anvil soared through the darkening sky.  Amazing.
Minutes after this feat, the clouds opened up and the rains, they started a'coming.
And coming...
And coming...

So we started leaving.  
Had a lovely dinner of popcorn at home.  I'll probably pay for it sometime during the night.

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