Sunday, September 1, 2013

Labor Day Holiday...

The monsoon has picked up and we are back to daily storms.  Our land is looking green and the flowers have taken off.  Daisy and sunflower plants taking over the weeds, or are the weeds the flowering plants?  Either way, it's looking lovely.  Steve, ever raring to weed-eat, has been asked to BACK OFF BUD!!  Well, only until the flowers have run their course.  He can get them before the seeds are ready to drop.

Taking it easy for the holiday weekend.  Big doin's at the local park.  Hollywood stuntmen in for old west shootouts.  Egg tosses, pie eating, hayrides, trail rides, burger cookouts.  It's all there.  

Crock pot was put into use for crock pot baby back ribs.  Mashed potatoes of half-and-half white and sweet potatoes.  We also had our first meal of homegrown green beans.  Steve said they were the best beans EVER!!!  (he was that ecstatic in his pronouncement)  
So, we will definitely do green beans next year.  Will, however, add more plants. 
And learn to can them instead of freeze them.

                                                       Happy Labor Day to all out there! 

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