Thursday, September 26, 2013

Life in a wind tunnel....

Day 3 of high winds, sometimes topping 50 MPH.  All night long the winds howled.  Wow, walked outside this morning and felt the wind tug my hair up, and almost out of my scalp.  I spouted that I really hate this wind, to which Steve replied, "Probably as much as I hate too many snow days in a row" and I have to agree.

Had a dream last night that when I awoke, all the garden cloth on the hoops had come loose and blown away.  I found it was only a dream when I checked the garden this morning.   Everything still snug.  I had read a blog about gardening where the guy suggested large binder clips to hold the garden cloth onto the frames.  They seem to have been a great investment.  I didn't see any more damage from the freeze showing itself, so I think a crisis was averted and the covered hoops may delay any loss of veggies.

Went out to check the signs I've made for the long driveway.  Our newest is now installed near the entrance gate.  It's another Halloween sign being re-purposed for everyday.   They tend to be swung back and forth by these high winds, so we're checking them daily until these winds stop.  Had to replace a few screws that were worked loose by the swinging.

Still, we are very friendly people and love visitors.  The signs are just there to make people laugh.  Honestly, there are no dragons and vicious creatures lurking about to grab you. 

Really, very safe homestead.... yup.... see, all perfectly safe......

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