Monday, September 16, 2013

What a day on the homestead...

Had a rainy afternoon into the evening last night.  As Steve was closing up the shed and the garage he came in and said I had to see the clouds.  Well, they were magnificent.  Most of the rain clouds had left and the setting sun just hit these clouds.  So beautiful. 
Hope everyone out there thinks so, too. 

Today, his itchy finger made it impossible to deny him the pleasure of cutting weeds down.  He fired up the DR Brushmower and was off.  It kept him busy all day.   Most of the flowers had disappeared over the last few days, so I was OK with it.

I spent the day getting a covering, of sorts, over the two tomato bushes that are still in the sun most of the day.  It's flimsy, but I want to see if it keeps the night temperatures slightly higher.   Since the sun still hits the plants most of the day, I didn't want to block the rays.

Tonight we had crock pot pork chops.  I'm loving my crock pot as I don't have to watch the food and after a day of work, it's ready to eat.  So easy.
I just realized that I'm putting a  lot of food pictures on the blog.  I didn't mean this to be a foodie blog, but since we are trying to raise the food we eat, and prepare it easily, I guess having a few pictures of what we're serving on the blog makes some sort of sense.

Steve is moving really slow right now, so I'm thinking he's about had it for the day.   He's been a hard worker, so I'm shutting down the computer and tucking him in for the night.  Taa Taa!

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