Tuesday, September 24, 2013

You snooze... you lose....(limping around doesn't cut it, either).

Cold!!! this morning.  Really cold......very much cold.....
The news and my phone weather app still shows our lows in the 41˚ range,  HOWEVER...

the garden was in the freezing range last night.  The zucchini looks terrible and the peppers had some damage just to the top 4th of the plants.  I KNEW I should have finished the garden cloth job on all the hoops, but after pulling the calf muscle, I lazed around.  The 3rd bed didn't get the protection, but it looks like the plants will make it.  (crossed-fingers).   Steve helped me get the cloth on today so they'll be in for a warmer night tonight, and hereafter.

 I still got a good amount of Roma's, though I'm still  waiting for the full-sized tomatoes to ripen.  Lots of green tomatoes, but I wonder if they still need more protection, now that the nights are cold.  I guess we'll get out and wrap them with extra cloth, also.

Steve is finishing up on the ramp for the shed.  It's now received 3 coats of water-proof paint and was liberally sprinkled with traction flakes.  It will sit for 24 hours and then be installed.  I'm so excited.  I will be easier to move stuff into, and out of, the shed.

Last night we polished off a whole bag of lettuce. 
 (jump up and hand slap) 
I'm running out of ways to use it up, but this dinner turned out great.  Grilled chicken, strawberries, carrots (ours), lettuce (ours), chives (ours), blue cheese crumbles, nuts, dried cranberries and dressing of choice.  I'll have to remember this dinner.  Steve even praised it. 

Tonight, I get Mexican at a real restaurant.  Yippee!!! 
Casa Ramos and a large margarita will top off a perfect night.

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