Saturday, October 19, 2013

All's quiet on the Northern front...

Calm Fall days and not a lot is happening up here. 
The garden is still alive.  SHOCK!
The winds have calmed down.  EVEN MORE SHOCK!
No visitors for the foreseeable future.  SO TOTALLY SHOCKED I'M SPEECHLESS!
Steve is now totally shocked that I'M speechless. 
(He's only seen that a few times in our married 38 years)

Dot is looking like he's in "time out" here but he's really just found a new way of sleeping.   His days are stressful, what with all of the birds visiting for their Fall rituals.  They are taking the seeds away as fast as we put them out.  I watch as they hide them all over the place: in tree bark, under ground in the dirt, under the stairs.  I wonder if they ever find any of them during the winter.

Found this sign in one of the many catalogs I get in the mail.  I think it'll make a great sign to put by the back door.  It may even encourage visitors to pull a few for me!

(An aside here;  Steve kindly asks the post office ladies to pull any catalogs out of our mail before I see them.  He told them it would help him immensely with stopping my shopping.  (honestly, I rarely buy stuff, just like looking at the catalogs)  They told him that's illegal, so they can't.  I know they chuckle when he comes in and there is a large pile for me.) 
Woman Power!!

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