Sunday, October 6, 2013

Don't you just LOVE surprises?......

Our company arrived and they had a surprise for us.  They were here to work around the property.  Well, also to rest, but in that order. 
We spent Saturday doing all sorts of things around the property. 

Here is Susan taking the DR Brushmower out and about.  It's a string-type trimmer for getting the weeds down.  Steve followed along behind her getting the awful Century Plant-like plants out.  They really hurt if you get too near them.  She did a large part of the property and saved us a lot of toiling.  Bless her!

Ken took the chain saw out and cut down dead trees and trimmed dead branches off the living ones.  They're powwowing here while taking a break.  I think his arms are still dead from holding the chain saw up for many hours.  The place is looking great and is about ready for winter.  Bless him!

And, to top off this most perfect day, they brought lasagna up for dinner.   I'm feeling really pampered.  I also had my faith in friends strengthened by these two fabulous people.

Today, they did a little geo caching around the mountains, which is one of their family fun outings.  I'm surprised how many caches there are up here. 
Steve and Ken are determined to get Susan to drive the 5 ton military truck around before they leave.  She hasn't exactly wanted to, yet.  But, I can hear it out warming up.  Their god sons want a picture of her driving it so I believe they will win on this trip.

I've seen her drive, so they may come back with Steve missing more hair as the wind whips through what he has left.  Pedal to the metal time....

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