Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween, not just for the valley anymore...

Well, Halloween is here tomorrow and we're lamenting the fact (again) that this area of the mountains sees no trick-or-treaters.  I'm still seriously having withdrawals from the festivities we indulged in while living in the valley. 

So loved the shrieks of scaredy-cats running from our home.  OK, several of them were from the parents bringing their kids around, but still, watching people fleeing was so FUN!!!!  I knew moving to the mountains was going to be a change of scene, but this one is hard to stomach at this time of year.  Still, did manage to get the signs ready.

Light snow flurries this morning, but the promised snowfall didn't come to pass.  Lots of driving rain last night, though, so I believe we've had our share of precipitation for the month.  Kept the garden covered with our new, and improved, hoop covers.  To keep the light-weight plastic on them in the high winds, we covered the plastic using garden cloth...bungee cords...duct tape... and even a few bread ties.  One cover still managed to be blown off the garden, so that one also has several cement blocks tied to it.  
Still, this should keep the warmth and moisture in and allow the little amount of sunlight in.   Thumbs up!

SO, Dot and Ziva are getting along, famously.  They just LOVE each other so sweetly.  HA!  Heard a huge cacophony of growls and yips and ran out to see another major love fest going on.   Dot does seem to like Ziva for a few minutes, but then takes a huge swipe at her.  I guess having your ears chewed on is something he doesn't like... much.   He'll jump to the couch back, or his cat tree.  But instead of staying safely there, he gets down and walks to Ziva, again. 
So, a glutton for punishment, or is this a devious scheme? 

If they both live, we may find out.

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