Friday, October 4, 2013

If you want to get anything done, invite people over....

We are running around like chickens with their heads cut off, trying to get the place presentable for company.  If people weren't visiting, we'd probably never get anything cleaned... Ha!  Actually, most of the mess was caused by me deciding to get the Halloween decor out.  Rubbermaid containers galore.

The mantle in the family room is done.  Still working on the bathrooms.  Yes, spiders, mice and other decor must be in every room.  The guest room has been suitably scarified... spiders on the lamp shades, mice on the dresser and a couple of tombstones thrown in for good measure.   If I have time, the bat and witch weather vanes will get set up.   LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Halloween! OK, it's second to Christmas, but it's so FUN!

Still having to work the garden as our new temporary greenhouse set up is working.  The black plastic seems to be what the tomatoes ordered.  This is today's haul.  (I may just have to slip a few into the visitor's suitcases so I don't have to eat them).
I love tomatoes, but I still don't have a pressure canner so I can't can them.   And freezing them seems to ruin them.  We are eating spaghetti and tacos to use them up.

Steve has finished the shed and the ramp turned out really great. 
It has made my life so much nicer.  Things are just a breeze to put away.  This year-long project wasn't what he signed up for, but he did the job with humor and grace.  The whole garden is winding down for this year, but what we've learned on this trial year WILL necessitate severe re-thinking for the next season.  AND the buying of a greenhouse.

Oh, Steeveeee, how's our savings account doing?.......

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