Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Reliability... constant goal, not reliably met...

Well, I set out to try and get a new entry on the blog every-other-day.  Sure, there are inconsistencies there, but I DO try.  But, I blew it yesterday. 
OK, I did have some family drama, so I hope you can give me a break.

Our youngest son, he of the shed building blog, was taken to a valley hospital yesterday.  Last Saturday, his ankle starting hurting.  Then, Sunday it swelled up and the pain was unbearable.  So, on Monday, his roommate took him to the hospital. 

Now, if you knew this son you'd know that he was my toughest kid.  While his older brother couldn't take much pain, this kid could fall face-first every day of his young life onto the kitchen tile while running outside, carry a permanent bump on his forehead and not act like he felt it.  He could, and did, fall head-first into the tub, requiring stitches, and did not utter one cry.  He did cut the bottom of his foot open on a lamp (still don't understand how he did this) and acted like the stitching didn't hurt.  He could sit in a neighbor's broken aquarium, forcing glass through his arm and leg, and still sneak into the house to try and fix the bleeding himself, without crying (much) and not seeking my help.  He could, and did, cut the tip of his finger off with an electric hedge clipper and stood, patiently, next to me while I talked to visitors, before showing me and saying "Does this look bad?" 
We began to know the emergency room staff on a first-name basis with this kid. 
So, having him ask to be taken to the hospital is a BIG thing for him.

My first thoughts were:
a) he was stung by a scorpion.  Not an uncommon thing in the desert.
b) he was bitten by a Brown Recluse spider, also not an uncommon thing in the desert.
  (he did say he'd noticed no bite/sting marks)
c) he was bitten by a rattle snake.  Common, but he said he'd have noticed one of them.
d) he twisted his ankle somehow.  He put this idea to rest.
e) ran out ideas here. 

So, he's still sitting, or lying, in the hospital, awaiting the results of an MRI, CAT scan and work on the fluid removed from the ankle.  He received Morphine, first.  Didn't have any effect on the pain.  Now he's on Percocet.  It's helping a little, he says.  While I write, he's deciding on his breakfast. 

He's a little happy that he has an acceptable excuse for not attending college tonight, as his instructor has only allowed death, or hospitalization, as excuses.  COVERED!!!!

A small tidbit for the gardening section of the blog:


Our idea of covering the tomatoes has paid off.  Just black weed control  plastic and clothes pins.  It has kept the freeze at bay.  During the day we open the south end and leave the rest of the plastic up.  It has increased the heat around the tomatoes all the time.  Still getting ripe fruit daily.

Hope to be back to our regularly scheduled blog......soon......

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