Thursday, October 10, 2013

So cold my knees are knocking...

Well, we were expecting rain and wind and had battened down the hatches.  It started last night, rained all night and kept going today. started snowing.   WHAT!!!!  Not even Halloween yet.  I'm a little afraid that this is a foretelling of a snowy winter.  Yuck!

Truth be told, I love the rain.  Snow is second behind rain, but only by a little bit.  Light flakes falling are probably always a wonder to anyone who lived in the desert.  The first time it shows each year is always special.  It's just so early this year. 

My garden is looking sad.  Not much left but the lettuce, spinach and carrots.  The winds came in fast just before the rain and blew the tomato covers away.  Had to chase them down. 
The peppers needed to be harvested today, so they never made it to ripe.  The leaves on each plant were very shriveled and the stems were bent over.  Those poor little plants just couldn't support those HUGE peppers any longer.   So....   

Pizza night!!!  I'm not one for green peppers, but a few chops and they go great on a pizza.  We had sausage, peppers, onions and some of the oven-dried-sun-dried tomatoes.  Threw on mozzarella and Monterrey Jack cheeses and topped it off with a sprinkle of Parmesan and we were set.  Great and easy dinner on a cold night. 

It gonna be a furry sheets and socks night, for sure!!

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