Friday, October 25, 2013

The garden's out getting a sun bath...

Killer migraine today, so wasn't motivated to get outside.  On a day like today, it's even hard to smell the crock pot doing it's thing on barbecued pork for sammies tonight.  Thanking God they don't hit as often as they used to. Guess that's why He put magnesium on the earth. Still excited that the answer to them was found in that simple mineral.

To avoid the smell of food, I headed out to get the garden some sun.  Opening the hoops the humid air escaped and the plants are getting their much-needed sun bath.  The garden thermometer is showing 83˚ so the days are still prime growing time.  Pulled some bolting lettuce and planted new seeds for winter harvest.


Ziva enjoyed a day running around the property sniffing everything she could. We keep her on a leash and let her run where her head wants, but we're not sure she'd stay with us.   After sniffing around the garden, she went in for a nap.   Guess we wore her out.   She's doing well, otherwise.  Sleeping through the night and still trying to make friends with Dot, who tolerates her antics. 

Feeling a little better now.  Working in the garden is therapeutic and it seems to have mellowed the migraine.  It's warm and sitting in the sun is calming and just what the doctor ordered, if I'd seen him, and if he'd ordered it.  

OK, must stop.  Sounding crazy.  And I'm not... crazy.... really...

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