Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What's a little 'ol newbie to do about the cold?

The next phase of our garden plan has started.  How do we winterize the garden while it's still producing food?  What will work and what is a foolhardy course of action? 

Well, ever the fools, we set out to get the garden protected from the harsh cold.  At 8:00 AM it's around 27˚ or thereabouts.  Sometimes up and sometimes down.  But, nights still too cold for the veggies.

So, enters plastic.  We removed the garden cloth from the hoops and tried to get the world's thinnest plastic over the hoops.  Not something that should be attempted on even a mildly windy day.  We were spent hours fighting the plastic which ballooned out like a sail, until Steve says "Let's take the hoops into the garage and put the plastic on them there, and return them to the garden already done."  So simple, but so wise.   And so right.  So, with the help of the ever practical binder clips, we finished covering the garden. 

Toasty warm tunnels of veggies.  Here's a closeup of the carrots.  Opening the tunnels during the days, which can still be in the 7o's should keep them from baking.   Super easy to remove the clips and cover them at night.    

Feeling smug right now, which is always a temptation for fate, so here's hoping our plan is a workable one.   But, I always said, year one of the garden is all about finding what works, and what doesn't work, when newbies are high in the mountains.

Tonight, we're putting our carrots to work for dinner, staring my favorite appliance, the crock pot.  Roast, carrots, potatoes and gravy are perking away and the smell has Steve salivating.   

Love not having to work at making dinner, when I'm finding it extremely hard to even straighten my back.  Ah, manual labor always makes for a hearty appetite.

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