Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Tomatoes, tomatoes everwhere.....

Not sure if everyone out there remembers the blog entry with the branch with the man's face on it in the garden, but he's now officially gone.  That branch died and it's one of the dead ones taken out by Ken and Susan...

There he goes.  I won't have that feeling that I'm being watched while working on the garden, anymore.   It is sad, though, as the that tree has had a lot happen to it and it's still going strong.  It probably was hit by lightening a long time ago.  It had split and should have died.  Instead, one side kept growing up and the other fell to the ground and somehow, rooted and put a couple of branches out.  Now that one is gone, I hope the tree keeps going.

I still haven't gotten a pressure canner.  Waiting for sales, I suppose.  Nah!!  Lazy.  Anyway, the tomatoes are still coming in so I decided to make sun-dried tomatoes in the oven.  Haven't done it before, so did a quick check on the Internet and started.   Very easy recipe.  Just cut, de-vein and de-seed.  Toss in olive oil and bake at 200˚ for 3 hours. 

Well, they turned out nicely.  However, they took 6 hours to get where I wanted them to be: suitably dried and leathery.  It is probably the altitude here, as most recipes take more time this high.  They seem to be at a stage where they would survive in the freezer.  I'm doing another batch now, but I added sea salt sprinkled on them.  I want to see which tastes the best. 

The temperatures here have finally made it impossible to keep the zucchini plant going.  It would put out flowers, but the fruit would only get 2 inches long and start spoiling.   It gave it's all for us, but next year another plant would need much more heat and a longer growing season. 
The strawberry plants are looking really lush and green.  However, they only put out baby runners and no flowers.  The cold doesn't seem to bother them yet, but they are going to have to be in a greenhouse, if I ever try them again.  For now, I just leave them alone to see what they'll do as winter approaches.
Expecting rain tomorrow.  Winter is approaching fast.  Where has the summer gone?

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