Monday, October 28, 2013

Wind, wind, go AWAY!!!!!!

Well, the garden is suffering through a horrendous wind storm in prep for possible snow tomorrow.  NOT especially happy with the wind.  I had opened the garden hoops for morning sun.  No wind to speak of.  Went inside and did some work when howling started.  And I don't mean Ziva howling.  The winds swooped in and....

all the hoops were blown off the garden.  Dumb me.  Of course they became sails in the wind.  Sailed all around.  Before I could get them all up, the plastic on the smaller, tall hoop had completely left the hoop.  (foreground)

Struggled for a while, then got Steve and together we put the small hoop in the shed and the others upright. 

Checked the rest of the garden and imagine my surprise over by the composters.  (I have one for drying greens, one for composting kitchen peels and one for dry grasses from yard cleanup).  Anyway, there are red tomatoes throughout the bin.  These were plants I pulled when they froze a few weeks ago.  Some of them just kept ripening.  So, out of garbage, we found several ripe tomatoes. 

Back inside to work on dinner tonight.  Salad seemed a good choice, with my unexpected tomatoes.  Had a hard time getting things done in the kitchen.  I'm was walking around like a drunk.  Stumbling all over.  Not, it seems, from actually drinking.  No, it's because every step is around, and over, a rambunctious puppy.   A joke comes to mind about a drunk who was so wobbly that he won a dance contest just walking across a bar for another drink. 
Same principle, no alcohol involved.  


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