Saturday, October 12, 2013

Winterizing the property...

Strange weather since the snow on Thursday.  You'd never know it snowed.  Warm days are giving us a chance to get work done around the place. 

Steve is working on the fascia boards around the whole house, now.   I thought it would only be the corner that rotted through, but he checked every board after fixing that area and decided more needed to be done.  This is the last section that he thought needed work.  I suppose it's great he's got all this energy.  I WOULD like a snow-tight house for the winter. 

I did hear him mumbling about replacing the bottom fascia boards between the house and stem wall.  Yikes.  I wonder if they really need it now as we hope to have ship-lap siding done on the place when we get the decks put on.  Home ownership... isn't it lovely?
                     (yes, those are his tennis shoes on the ladder providing cushioning)

I spent the day getting more plants removed from the garden.  The snow this week effectively stopped the tomato harvest for the season.  Most of the green tomatoes froze so they couldn't be saved and since there were very few leaves still in good shape, out they came.   This picture shows a few garlic bulbs still going strong.  They were under the mess of tomato plants.  They are starting to brown from the bottom of their stems, up, so harvesting them is close.

Since the nights are staying cold, it's time to think about getting plastic over the hoops to extend the growing season for the carrots, lettuce and spinach.   I'm going to get Steve to help me with that tomorrow.    

Shhhhh, he doesn't know that, yet.

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